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Litigation Support
You may be subject to enquiry or audit-
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A review or audit usually involves looking at your tax affairs to ensure the information you have given us is accurate and you have complied with your tax obligations.

ATO may also contact other parties such as banks, employers, customers and suppliers to get information.  However, there are differences between a review an audit.


ATO may conduct a review to check for any errors and help you correct these.  ATO also use reviews to collect information about particular industries and activities.  Evidence found during a review that you have not met your tax obligations, tax office may decide to conduct an audit and you will be informed of this.


If Tax office think you may not be complying with your tax obligations, or do not believe a review can look into the issues sufficiently; Tax Office will conduct an audit.

Why - We know the questions ATO will ask you.
Why - We know the answers ATO expects from you.
Why - we can significantly reduce any penalty.
Why - Our staff are technically very good at Taxation laws.
Why - One of our staff has been a senior Auditor with the Australian Taxation Office from 2000 to 2008.